# The List: The One Day Spring Break Essentials Kit

# The List: A Spring Mood Day Off

The One Day Spring Break Essentials Kit

The sunny, vibrant, spirited days are eventually here !!!! Spring time came around  to inspire, revive you and bring you closer  to the nature!

You probably stepped into the vacation mood buuut… vacation dates are not that close …

Don’t worry, you can refresh yourself by organizing the most amazing One Day Spring Break !

Check out below the essentials kit list for a refreshing day off experience!

Extra Bonus: the best places near Athens city center for an exhilarating spring break !

Let’s check the list:

  1.  Hat

Prevent sun damage while you’re lying in the nature with high-SPF sunscreen and a hat to shield your face.

  1.  Sunglasses

Shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare with some stylish shades.

  1.  Pestemal

The uses of a Pestemal are endless … just straw it as a picnic blanket to lie down, or wear it as a wrap to protect yourself in case it’s a windy day and… many, many, more.

  1.  A book

A proper sunny break is combined with a good book ..Choose a book which will travel you far away.

  1.  Snack

Fruits is the best option as it is the period of the year you need high energy  and summer is ahead so it’s good to prefer a low calories diet.

  1.  Your Tablet

 First of all, you will need your favorite playlists … also a quick social media check out is inevitable!

Bonus Tip- Spring Break Location Proposals:

  1. Pnyx Hill 

Paved walks through the pine trees lead you all the way to the top of the hill, where you can find the ideal place for a picnic  check it out here

  1. Botanical Garden Diomidi

Ajewel in the heart of the city, a huge area to most of the Athenians check it out here 

3.Grove at Kaisariani 

Paved trails for endless walks check it out here  


Bougainvilleas splash and  whitewashed walls evoke the island life chek it out here 

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