Running Essentials!

Summer is eventually here… so you need a hobby that combines pleasure with fitness!!! Running is an option and during the last years, one of the most popular.

So if you thought about it and you are ready to hit the ground check the list below to find out the essentials to complete your running kit.

1. The Right Running Shoes

A pair of good running shoes is the most important thing a runner needs. Don’t try to use shoes designed for other sports, as it won’t provide you the cushioning and stability that you need. When you are buying your shoes keep in mind that you need the pair that will help you prevent injuries and not the one you like the look of it.

2. Pestemal 

Leaving the sweat on your body and especially on your face during and after the training may cause serious problems, so there is an absolute need for a highly absorbent towel. Let us explain you why Pestemal is the best option….It is the most lightweight towel, it dries fast and you can easily carry it with you, as you can either wear it as a scarf or roll it and put it in a very small bag. Bonus advantage: Pestemal is made by cotton or bamboo, so it is antibacterial and allows the body to breath, can you thing for a more efficient solution?

3. A Comfortable Liquid Carrier

There is no doubt that this is the ultimate object you need to carry with you during the training. There are various ways of carrying water, but it’s important that the method you choose doesn’t affect your performance. A bottle belt can carry plenty of liquid, but you need to make sure it doesn’t bounce, a hand-held bottle is convenient but it carries less liquid and the bigger ones may be very heavy.

4. A runners app

The smartphone’s built-in sensors make it a great platform for a variety of running apps which can track your speed, the calories burned, the distance you covered and even map your route. You can have  even more benefits when you  combine it  with smartwatch or a run tracker. So check the list here and decide which is the one that suits you best.

5. A Training Log

A training log will help you understand the progress of your working out. Did you really do as many long runs as you thought? Or did you take enough rest days? Some people record everything from the weather to what they thought as they ran, others just note t routes and times. Either way, if your marathon won’t go as planned, you’ll have the place to search for the answer. Check out here for a free online version or create your own hard copy log according to your needs.

6. A Heart Rate Monitor

As you are exercising it is extremely difficult to judge your effort. A heart rate monitor gives you an objective image so you can understand whether you should be speeding up or slowing down for the particular session you’re doing.

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