The Original Since 2013

“Pestemal” is the first wholesale supplier of the Turkish Hammam Towels in Greece.

Pestemal’s unique style never fails to surprise its followers who have elegantly refined tastes. Founded by Bertan Dobada & Katerina Orfanou in April 2013, it was followed by the creation of the Brand Concept Store at Plaka/Athens in November 2013. The brand was made valuable and attractive in a short period due to the passion for creative trials & enterprises, hence the first Franchise Pestemal Store opened In May 2016 in Rhodes and the second one opened in April 2017 in Corfu’s Old Town. The company targets to expand profoundly in the local franchise market during the upcoming years.

In the summer of 2020, the Pestemal brand was expanded by incorporating a new line named “Urban Things”. Urban Things is a unique collection of lamps, pots, plates and office organizers which are made by concrete materials, along with porcelains, handmade notebooks, hand knotted bracelets and much more.

We are so happy to combine the new Urban touch with our high quality Pestemal Towels and Home Textile collection!

You can easily find our products at www.pestemal.gr which has a fast worldwide shipping possibility. Alternatively, you can find us at Athens-Plaka Concept Store and at our 2 franchise stores in Rhodes and Corfu.


“We believe that while you are living in an uncertain and changing world, you need a reliable product that can help you move freely, update your style and make your life outdoors and indoors beautiful”

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