5 wardrobe essentials for the beach

So, summer is almost here! If you haven’t already taken the first step in planning your summer vacation, you must at least plan a day off on the beach or to a pool nearby so that you can too feel the summer vibe. But are you ready for your first summer public appearance? Up next: finding the must-haves for a summery look that is stylish and practical.

The seasonal wardrobe changeover can be both exciting and intimidating cause of the vast difference in your exposed skin and your whole styling in general. It’s also an excuse to go shopping and it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to decide what sort of person you really want to be this summer – the one from last year or a renewed and fresh one!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend an entire fortune for a new summer wardrobe in order to elevate your beachy style. Here come 5 beach wardrobe essentials so that you can rock your summer style.


kimono pestemal

  1. Aethereal kimono


If you are a beginner to this beautiful trend, then let us explain some things to you.

Kimonos are a w e s o m e for so many reasons. They are comfy, they are sexy, they are the ultimate beachwear, they can be worn in the city, they can be worn at home but also for clubbing and of course it is the must have no.1 for this summer. It’s kind of easy to see why the kimono is one of the best choices: it has a classic but modern appeal that transcends time, while it is fashionista material, especially when made from quality materials such as our pestemal Kimonos. Discover our newest kimonos from the SS19 designers collection or our beach dresses that can also do the trick.


turban headpiece pestemal

  1. Turban headpiece

This easy-to-wear turban headpiece can be worn with hair up or down, it can cover your head in a bad hair day or after your swim. It also is like the epitome of style for younger and older women but also for men who dare to make a more “oriental” appearance.

The headpiece featured is “Simi” named after the picturesque Greek island and it is available in our e-shop.


pestemal beach bag

  1. Huge beach bag

While it may not be the most exciting item, it is certainly one of the most practical pieces in your wardrobe. Your summer stylish bag can partner with nearly everything and will still look great, cause really there is nothing better than getting a large beach bag to get all your items stored and safe. Large bags can carry your towels, pestemals, bathing suit and other important items. Discover our collection of large and oversized beach bags.


beach towel pestemal

  1. Stylish towel

As the weather warms up it’s time to arm yourself with a stylish beach towel doesn’t matter where you will be — whether on the beach, poolside, in a park, by a lake, or even on your balcony.

We can offer you high quality towels called “Hammam Towels”. Taken straight out of the Hammams of the East in a variety of modern colors and designs. If you’re looking for a unique pestemal beach towel that gets the job done and looks stylish at the same time, the Maia towel is what you need!


tropical clutch pestemal

  1. Waterproof clutch


The newest addition to our pestemal family is the pestemal clutch waterproof or not.

For the beach days, pool days, and travel a place to store your damp bikinis, your make-up, or just simply keeping that precious phone and book safe from any splashes!

Select your favorite clutch from our clutch collection and rock it at your next summer getaway!


Lastly, wherever you go don’t forget to wear your most beautiful smile and your positive mood. It’s the first thing that draws people to you and a necessity in order to have a good time.

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