4 ways to create a boho-chic home

Renew your home by adding a “boho touch”, with the help of Pestemal


Let’s face it, the summer is almost over and even though it’s not the end of the year, September represent a new beginning.


The thing is that new transitions in life almost always require us to update our thinking and what serves best this cause than to update/rearrange some of your stuff at home and try to pull off this boho-chic vibe you always wanted. It is now the perfect timing to put some personal effort in your home decor and make this redecoration you were always postponing. Because one thing is sure, from now on you will be spending much more time inside your home (winter is coming!).


Taking the time to update your home is a perfect process for taking stock of what in your life needs to change and how. Think of it as a refresh -every aspect of our life needs a refresh from time to time.


If you want a dose of fresh ideas, then this article is sure to help you achieve a very… boho style.


Natural and Rustic details 

As a modern hippie you’ll propably know that boho-chic style is an infusion of accessories that utilize natural or raw materials such as hemp, wood, and rattan. Think many plants, macramé items for hanging your new plants, a decorative ladder full of old books and a huge rug or many smaller ones – all in your living room. Although natural textures are key element of the decor, don’t let that stop you from throwing in an element like our handmade Hammam Bowls to give a mix fusion style.




Vintage pieces and unique Throws


You can go with flea market finds or just ask your granny for hidden old treasures. Anything that will take you back in the free spirit hippy culture of the ’70s. For example, a mid-century arc lamp mixed with a tribal print rug and a wall cover with old magazine covers alongside with a plain couch covered with colorful throws like our Bohem Bed&Sofa Cover.


Mix Patterns and Colors


Mixing and matching throws and pillows is a must, when it comes to creating a boho chic space. Bright colors, mixed with ethnic and geometric patterns are a hallmark of boho chic style. We strongly recommend to combine the Yuma Pillow Cases with a Yuma Cover  in your bed room or living room. The rule is: there are no rules.


Global tone

It is well known fact that boho culture has a history of celebrating global heritages and a bohemian style of living. It is essential that your home accessories will have that global feel, by implying that the owner of this house has traveled places… (even if you haven’t recently!). If you’re lucky enough to travel, look for beautiful souvenirs that can help you achieve an ethnic-eclectic feel in your home with authentic pieces but until then check out our Takunya Hammam Clogs or the Hammam Bowls Set and achieve a global look in your living room.


Introduce this new take on the bohemian aesthetic into your home and make a fresh new start. Welcome Fall!


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