10 ways to rock your pestemal as a headscarf

Bad hair day… what’s that? Make pestemals your fuss-free accessory for quick hair do’s with extra style. Beat the everyday routine and still look on point for a fully loaded day of meetings and chores, with inspiration from the pestemal-headscarfs look we suggest with the help of well known bloggers and everyday girls that like to mix it up!

Let’s face it, we are all looking for a quick solution for our hair and we want to find a trick that is easy and stylish in the same time. There is no better and more fashionable way to get your hair in place than a headscarf.


With a headscarf, you won’t need a new hairdo every day and by changing different pestemals according with your look, you will feel more inspired to live your day to the fullest adding color to your life.


  1. Bowtie Turban


Photo by huffingtonpost.com

Our Mare Towel New is exactly what you need in order to recreate this iconic look. Wear it from early morning to the beach to late nights in the city.


  1. Headband From Large Scarf For Tied Hair


Photo by momtrends.com

Our Anadolu pestemal is what you need and it comes in the same color palette as well.


  1. Beach Headscarf


Photo by  hairromance.com

When you are on the beach (ok this will happen in a couple of months from toda but we  keep dreaming) you want as much of your hair covered as possible. Wrap your wet hair with Simi pestemal.


  1. The 30 Second Turban


Photo by queenshmink.com

People think that getting a turban is complicated.  Try our Lal Foulard and upgrade your style in a heartbeat.


  1. Headband On Loose Hair


Photo by xssatstreetfashion.com

The best part about headscarf is that you can tame any hair type. Our unique Poyraz Linen Foulard is a definite must-have in your closet!


  1. Turban With Front Swirl 


Photo by love416.ca

More ethnic style but still a great choice to upgrade a simple outfit. Our Asia Foulard can do that for you, add an alternative touch to your wardrobe.


  1. Vintage Lady Wrap


Photo by trendsstory.com

Not so modern, but classic in many ways. The vintage lady wrap can be great match with cat eye sunglasses and a red lipstick.  Take a look at Helen Foulard.


  1. Rope Twisted Turban Over High Bun


Photo by naturalhairhow101.tumblr.com

The turban is one of the most popular and commonly used styles for headscarf, with this one you can set your hair in an updo. We have just the fashion item for you: Riva Linen Foulard


  1. Pirate Bandana


Photo by rannka.com

Look ferocious and bold in the same time by rocking a pirate bandana style. Not for you? Well, we tried. For some of you who actually liked it, we suggest to create this all time classic look with the help of our Degrade Foulard.


           10. Simple Front Tied Turban 


Photo by honestlywtf.com

Simple and elegant, this style is really popular and many celebrities are using it in their public outings.  Select your favorite design from here.


These were 10 clever ideas to help you rock a turban “pestemal outfit” and create fashionable and practical looks for every day –and every night, now that the temperature slowly rises.

For more fashion lessons on how to use pestemals as vital elements of your daily style follow us on Facebook and Instagram or check our monthly blogs. Cheerio!

– We proudly took some infos & inspiration from ritely –


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